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Development is an important community issue and Alderman Moreno strives to balance preserving the character of our neighborhoods while encouraging economic growth.  With residential and commercial growth in the area, Alderman Moreno works to achieve long-term community investment and sustainable urban development. 

Topics that commonly arise from development range from issues such as noise, garbage disposal, and other environmental concerns as well as broader issues of historical preservation and traffic congestion. 

In order to address some of the issues associated with development Alderman Moreno encourages active civic participation and follows the below criteria regarding construction projects and any development that requires a zoning change. 

For all construction projects in the 1st Ward, the owner of the property or developer must submit a Construction Pledge to our office. 

  • The pledge is a good faith agreement with the alderman’s office and the property owner or developer to abide by all requirements of the City of Chicago. 
  • It also clearly defines the responsibility of the property owner during the construction process in particular in terms of maintaining a clean and secure workplace and noise requirements of construction crews.

Any property which requires a zoning change, the owner or developer should first meet with Alderman Moreno to discuss the proposed zoning change. 

  • Once the project has been discussed, the owner or developer is required to submit the proposal to the local community organizations or block groups to provide community input on the development project. 
  • The owner or developer in conjunction with the alderman’s office will have a public community meeting and send notifications via mail to the neighbors affected by the development.
  • Community meetings are posted on the events calendar.

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Construction Basics

  • Construction crews cannot use heavy equipment before 8 a.m. in the morning and must end by 8 p.m. in the evening.  
  • Crews must “wet saw” any masonry work to reduced the amount of dust and other particulates produced in the air.
  • Garbage removal is the responsibility of the developer.  Sites must have private dumpsters and trash removal haulers.  Waste produced due to construction projects cannot be placed in city garbage carts.
  • Construction sites must be kept tidy and clean of debris.  All materials should be secured and covered with a tarp.
  • The public way must be clear of debris at all times including sidewalks and streets.
  • Opaque mesh fencing surrounding the site to contain any debris or dirt produced during the construction process
  • In January 2007, 50 % of all recyclable construction debris should be recycled.

If crews are not complying with these or other concerns, call the Environment Emergency Hotline to report the issue.
(312) 744-7672 (weekdays)
(312) 744-6460 (on weekends or after hours)

Development Basics

  • In the City of Chicago, permits are required for most types of projects.  It is the responsibility of the owner to apply and receive all necessary permits before beginning a particular project.  Check with the Department of Construction and Permits (DCAP) for more information.
  • Once permits are issued for a project, a developer must build in accordance with the permits received.
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To find out the zoning on a particular property, go to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance

For Noise Complaints,
Call the Environment Emergency Hotline
(312) 744-7672 (weekdays)
(312) 744-6460 (on weekends or after hours)

Department of Construction and Permits (DCAP)

Preservation Chicago

Wicker Park Landmark District

East Village Landmark District

US Green Building Council

Trust for Public Land


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