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Landmarks Information

Chicago Landmarks

The Commission on Chicago Landmarks is responsible for recommending to the City Council that individual buildings, sites, objects, or entire districts be designated as Chicago Landmarks, thereby providing legal protection.

Building or districts must meet at least two of the following criteria to be recommended for landmark status: be a critical part of Chicago's heritage, site of a significant event, association with a significant person, important architecture, important architect, distinctive theme as a district, or unique visual feature. It must also have a high level of architectural integrity.

The Commission also takes part in the permit review process for proposed alterations, demolitions, or new constructions affecting landmark buildings or districts.

For more information regarding Chicago Landmarks, please visit the Chicago Landmarks Home Page.

Landmark Districts in the 1st Ward

Alderman Moreno has worked with the Commission on Chicago Landmarks to establish or expand landmark districts in the 1st Ward.  This collaboration has resulted in the preservation of architecturally and historically significant sites in the East Village, Milwaukee Avenue, Wicker Park, and Ukrainian Village Landmark Districts.


Below are links to maps of the these districts.

Landmark District Maps

Wicker Park District

East Village District

Milwaukee Avenue District

Ukrainian Village District with extensions

Please refer to the Chicago Landmarks List to determine if a specific property is located in one of the Landmark Districts.

Report a Violation of the Landmark Ordinance

1.  Call 311 and specifically mention you suspect a violation of the Landmark Ordinance. 

2.  Contact the Landmarks Division at 312-744-3200 to report the suspected violation.

3.  Contact our office at 773-278-0101 to report the suspected violation.

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