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Rodent Control

If you have a rodent problem, please report the issue either by using the City of Chicago's  311-City Services or by calling the 1st Ward office at (773) 278-0101 to have the area baited.

Take Steps to Rat Proof Your Home

  • Clean debris and other garbage outside your property that could potentially house rodents, including old lumber, brick piles, junk autos, old equipment, etc.  If you need to store these materials, place them at least 18 inches above ground (or floor) level and at least one foot away from any wall or fence.
  • Look for points of entry, holes in pavement, walls, windows and doors and take measures to close these entry ways.
  • Another common rat harborage area is the small easement space between two adjoining buildings that runs between the street and the alley. Often this space is too narrow for a person to walk through, making it more secure for rats to set up housekeeping. Both property owners should work together to anchor a strip of sheet metal connecting the property walls from the ground level to a height of at least seven feet. This metal can be pre-colored, particularly on the street side, to complement the appearance of the buildings.
  • For larger easement openings which often house air conditioners or other exterior equipment, a tightly sealed metal locked door with a concrete threshold at each end will restrict access to this space.


More Info

Integrated Pest Mangement solutions at University of Illinois Extension

Request Rodent Abatement

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